About us


We believe that internationals can feel at home everywhere if they have access to the right resources in their adoptive city. Breda Internationals aims to support the international community in accessing all these resources and ultimately give them a feeling of belonging to the city of Breda.


Our mission is to bring all internationals/expats together on a platform that helps them build up their new life in Breda.


Inclusivity and acceptance

Celebrating cultural diversity

Connecting people: networking of all kinds

Positivity, support and focus on improving the expat experience in Breda

Empowering internationals to get involved in our community


Experienced members from a variety of organizations, companies and educational institutions form the Advisory Board. The Board meets twice a year to evaluate past events and give advice on how to improve them.

This is how we make sure that our services and activities stay relevant, reliable and up-to-date with the needs of Breda’s expats.


The Core Team is the heart of Breda Internationals. It’s where community-minded members of different ages and backgrounds come together to support other internationals by organizing activities throughout the year.

The diversity of the Core Team is reflected in the types of events we organize, so you’re sure to find something matching your interests – whether you’re into business networking or family-friendly events.