Culture and Leisure


The people of Breda have mastered the art of enjoying life. Our hospitality and joie de vivre turn guests into friends.


With hundreds of restaurants, bars and pubs to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find something to your taste, whether you’re into authentic Dutch dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, Middle-eastern delights or a frothy pint of Irish stout.

In Breda, we come together every year to enjoy events such as the Breda Jazz Festival, Breda Photo Festival, Singelloop, Palm Parkies, Breda Live, Art Breda, Kings’ Day, Spanjaardsgat Festival, Dancetour Breda and the Nassau Day.

When it comes to art and culture, Breda has it all: museums (Stedelijk Museum Breda), concert halls (Mezz), theaters (Chassé Theater) and a recently renovated central library and community center (De Nieuwe Veste). Breda is also home to Breepark, the largest event venue in the South of the Netherlands where visitors can enjoy shopping, concert festivals and trade fairs.


If your favorite pastime happens to be shopping, then you’re in luck. There is a wide range of shops in the historic city center and along the elegant Ginnekenweg. 

And if you’re into interior design, then you should definitely head to the Woonboulevard, one of the five largest and most attractive shopping centers for furniture and home decor in the Netherlands.

Check out the city map and what the areas have to offer here.


Fresh air is all around, with many great parks in the city where you can take a stroll and enjoy some coffee and snacks all year round. And if you want to hop off the pavement and onto a trail, Breda is surrounded by scenery perfect for outdoor activities. You can walk, jog or cycle in the nearby Mastbos. Or take part in team sports such as swimming, rowing, football, hockey, tennis, golf and equestrianism. There’s something for every outdoor enthusiast in Breda.

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