Sport is a good way to connect with others, and staying active and fit is not hard in the Netherlands. To locate your favorite sports in Breda, visit Sportplein Breda

Breda Actief is for everyone in Breda who wants to get started with sports and exercise. This includes the elderly, adults, youth, children and people with a disability.  

Do you want to try different gyms and studio locations in Breda? Or do you want to determine your own workout routine with the most flexible monthly sports subscription in the Netherlands? One fit is a platform with which adults can buy a Pass Card (strippenkaart) to play sports and exercise at locations. 


The best way to get actively involved with the local community is to give something in return, and that can be done by volunteering. It’s a good way to make new friends, to get to know the city Breda and maybe even improve your Dutch too. If you want to volunteer at a sports organization or volunteer in other areas in Breda, you can contact Mooiwerk Breda for more information.