Whether you are moving to Breda for work or finding work after you’ve studied here or somewhere else in the Netherlands, in Breda we do business together. Together with education, government, and entrepreneurs on a regional, national and international level. Breda Business is the new entrepreneurship platform for businesses in Breda to build a vital and enterprising Breda.


If you’re an international and you want to get started with you own business, then we advise you to get in touch with Business Coach Breda. They will give you support customized to your needs to help you with your business plan. The Business Coach Breda is for starting entrepreneurs, start-ups, established SME’s, growing entrepreneurs such as scale-ups, retailers, entrepreneurs who face difficulties in their business and finally independent professionals. They offer special programs and coaches for each of these target groups. The counseling sessions with a professional coach is free of charge. For more information, go to Business Coach Breda.

Breda offers great opportunity for your business to be established here, not only the advantage of the logistical position, but it also gives wonderful balance between working and living in the city of Breda. The Breda Business team strive to establish a long lasting relationship with your business and helps your growth through any development phase of your company. Looking for a suitable location for your business? Looking to start a company within Breda? Breda Business can help. For more information,
check out their website